(Not) To Chambly and Back

The weather is getting nicer, which means it's biking season. For the first ride of the year, I tried to bike to Chambly yesterday. We didn't make it, but this is the route that I took with Dennis.

We didn't make it, it isn't as simple as it seems. Our first attempt last fall ended with us stuck on a major, heavily trafficed, bike unfriendly road in Longueiuil, before turning around and coming back. Supposedly there's a bike path, and since it's impossible to find information on it online, I thought I should post a guide. (As far as I can figure out.)

First, get to the Jacques Cartier Bridge. Take it across to Longueiul. Getting over the bridge is one of the most difficult parts of the ride, but it's easy to navigate, at least.

Once you come down the other side, go up (if you take the south side of the bridge, down if you take the north side) St. Laurent O until Cartier. Go down it. The street ends at a cross street that has a bike lane running through it. Cross over this street (don't take the bike lane) and go through the parking lot on the other side of the street.

Keep going straight on the wide, fairly quiet street you find yourself on. This should be Cartier. (Though if you're on Marquette, that's fine too.)

Follow Cartier. It'll go straight. Keep following it for 15-20 minutes, until it ends by turning and joining with Marquette. There's a path that goes through two houses there, that should look like this. Go through it and follow the bike path that you're on down. It should take you to a big, spiral ramp that goes over a railway track.


It'll go down (a gradual, straight ramp) to a bike path, and you should see your first sign pointing you towards Chambly (the sign says it's 19km away.)

Follow along in that direction. (At one point the path will take a little curve by some power lines. You can cut across the field, or follow the bike path. If you follow the path, it'll take you to another sign saying Chambly is in 16km. This is the last sign you'll see.)

The path follows beside some railway tracks along Kimber. Eventually, it'll cross over to the other side of the railway tracks at some stop lights. Keep going along it.

The railway tracks will end. The path will keep going in the wrong direction. There is no sign telling you this. I'm told that there's a way to stay on the path in the right direction, but I've yet to figure out how.

If you end up dead ending at Grand Allée at a newly built set of condos, you've taken the wrong path. Go back and try again.

This will be updated after my next adventure with (proper?) directions from here, once I can figure out where we went wrong.

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