a quick update


It's been awhile. See that picture above? With the beautiful weather we've been experiencing (especially after a taste of nice weather punctuated by snow!) it's been tough to sit down at the computer, upload pictures and write. So instead I borrowed Dave's laptop and am sitting outside on the patio with Dave and Bela, drinking beer and watching the baseball game in the park, while the cars stopped at the stoplight provide us with musical entertainment.

And we've been busy!

Two Friday's ago we went to the montreal museum of contemporary art for their monthly vendredi nocturne series. This month was a band called Elfin Saddle.


We've also been busy exploring Montreal and the Eastern Townships, buying cheese from monks and visiting marshes, but more about that in another post.

If you look over on the right hand side of this page you'll notice we now have a Google calendar with upcoming events. If you use Google calendars yourself you can add it to yours, otherwise you can browse here. We are going to be including events happening at our place, upcoming visitors and events in the area we're planning on going to (or would if we could.

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