magical mystery tour

Last weekend, transported by a borrowed car, we set off for an adventure in the Eastern Townships. So to be honest, it wasn't really a mystery, except that we didn't have any set plans until the night before, and even morning of we were still a bit unsure due to some rather overcast weather.


But off we went regardless, excited to be going on a mini roadtrip. First stop: St Benoit du Lac to visit the monastery and purchase cheese! This was a total coincidence, as we had already had the cheese before and enjoyed it, and then I had been googling for places to visit and tada! the place that makes cheese we like! You'll have to take my word for it that the monastery is absolutely beautiful from the outside (Dave took pictures with his big camera, perhaps he'll post some, hint hint?), and see below for some neat tiling on the inside, in the corridor leading to the chapel:


The monastery also makes apple cider, vinaigrette made from cider, pies as well as sells goods from other monastery in Quebec, such as chocolate and candy.

After the monastery we went to the Marais de la riviere des cerises, a nature park with trails through woods as well as on a boardwalk over the marsh areas. Very interesting to note, there are handicap accessible trails, including those through the wooded areas. Also of interest, it's free, even to park!


After all that walking around, driving and navigating, we were tired! So home we went.

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