we’re back from Toronto!


We're back!

This weekend we went on a whirlwind trip to Toronto on the occasion of Doors Open Toronto 2010. The pictures from our building visits will have to wait, as I decided to use my film SLR for the first time in many many years.

We took Megabus from Montreal to Toronto, and I found it to be excellent value. Our options were: bus – car rental – train – fly (with Porter). While flying with Porter is my most favourite way to get to TO, it's also the most expensive. The train is also too expensive unless there is a deal going on (tip: if you're flexible and last minute, check out their express deals online). Renting a car and driving is usually our method of choice, but this time we would have to pay to park it downtown, and we were leaving after work on Friday (= tired Dave). So we settled on taking the bus, so we could go right after work and pack ourselves a light dinner. And it worked out fine.

We stayed at the Gladstone Hotel. Each of the 37 rooms at the Gladstone is designed by a different artist, which appealed to us. The hotel is over 100 years old, and was restored in the early 2000's. We stayed in Room 406, which while pretty small, was bright and airy due to the use of white linens and furniture, as well as some rather imaginative sculptural decorations. My favourite part of the room was the television, which I never even turned on, as it made up part of one of the wall sculptures. Usually televisions seem like such an after thought in hotel rooms, but here it was a part of the design. I also loved the wooden sculptures/lights, with their own dimmers.

The Gladstone is also excellent value for money, however there were a few minor details that would have made it excellent. One of which was a lack of accessible power outlets. The only outlet that we could access in the entire room (apart from the one in the bathroom) already had several plugs attached to it, so we had to get creative. There was no good place for one's shoes. The other thing I wasn't crazy about in this room was that it was very much asymmetrical. Now in general, I'm a big fan of asymmetrical designs, but in a hotel room designed for two, it felt unbalanced. There was only one bedside table and lamp. Only one sculptural lamp. It was a bit awkward. I realize that space is an issue, but I would have preferred two smaller tables.

So a post about our actual activities is to come once the pictures are developed and scanned!

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