what a weekend!

To quote Dave's cousin, you have to split yourself in four to be able to experience everything you want to experience in Montreal during the summer.

This weekend was no different. It’s all about picking and choosing. What was non negotiable though was that we had Dave’s parents visit with us on their way out to New Brunswick for the summer. It’s always nice to have guests, especially guests that take us out to dinner : ) Friday evening we went out to Le Grand Bayou (add link). It was pretty good, not amazing, but fine for it’s proximity to our apartment (it’s located at Rachel and Clark) as well as it’s decent terrasse. Saturday the ladies went shopping. Then we all met up again for beer at Dieu du Ciel, followed by homemade pizza at our place and then fireworks viewing from the Jacques Cartier bridge (link). And finally a stop in at Lyanne’s for a drink while waiting for the crowds in the metro to die down.

Sunday our guests departed, and we went off to explore the sidewalk sale on Mont-Royal. Lots of neat stuff, and fun to see what’s inside the shops, without actually having to go inside. We didn’t fall for any of the F1, nor World Cup hoopla. Picking and choosing.

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