CSA week 2 – 2010.06.23


Yesterday was the second pick up of our CSA! This is what we got:
–         lettuce
–         bok choi
–         radishes
–         green onions
–         broccolis
–         spinach
–         kohlrabi
–         garlic scapes
–         arugula
– zucchini

We once again got a HUUUUUGE lettuce. Here it is with my head for comparison (I am sweaty from walking home with the veg):


As always, Bela is curious:


While I didn’t do anything innovative or particularly interesting, we did manage to make our way through pretty much the whole bin from last week.  All that’s left is a wee bit of lettuce and some garlic scapes, so I think we did a good job!  Hopefully we can keep it up for the rest of the summer, especially when the baskets start getting rather overwhelming . . . I mean plentiful! So here’s last week’s rundown, with what I did with each item.  Salads and raw veggies for snack featured heavily.  It also helps that we had some of the salad at family night (Wednesday) and more on Father’s Day (Sunday).  And there was still some left for lunch salads and sandwiches!  That was one big lettuce!
Last week’s veggies:
–         Lettuce – several salads, in BLTs
–         bok choi – stir fry with tofu and some frozen veg mix to round things out.
–         radishes – in salads, with celery and carrots for snacks
–         green onions – in salad
–         turnips- in salads
–         spinach – some in the lentil soup, rest as a side sautéed with some mushrooms
–         kohlrabi – cut up as a snack
–         garlic scapes – chopped up and thrown into some lentil soup
–         swiss chard – sautéed with garlic and onion, and finished with some balsamic vinegar and salt and pepper, as an accompaniment to the pulled pork on Father’s day.

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