It’s Jazz Fest time!


It’s festival time in Montreal!  Due to a change in scheduling, the Francofolies are long gone (though we were able to see Malajube as well as Les Miserables) and the Jazz Fest is now in full swing.  Unfortunately that also means the weather is going to be uncooperative and either get cold or rainy or both.  Yay? 
Anyhow, weather aside, it’s a fabulous time to get out and see some affordable live entertainment.  My pics for the Jazz Fest:
Tuesday June 29, 9:3pm – Beast
Beast is playing this year’s grand evenement, and I’m sure it’s going to be amazing.  We saw Patrick Watson last year and were blown away, so I can only imagine what Beast have in store for us.  Better get there early, this one is going to be jam packed!
Sunday July 4, 9pm – The Lost Fingers
They dress cool. Their music is fun. You know you want to go.
Tuesday July 6 – Mardi Gras Parade with Zachary Richard
Ah, Zachary Richard. All I know about him is that Dave's mom really likes him, and saw him at some sort of Acadian Woodstock back in the day. Good enough for me!

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