Montreal Botanical Gardens


Last Friday we felt like going on a bit of an adventure, so we went to the Botanical Gardens. We biked there (of course!), and since we were using Bixis, we had to make it in 30 minutes or less (or pay). And we made it! With 4 minutes to spare.

One of the great perks about living on island is the Access Montreal card. For only $7 a year ($6 per additional person per household, if requested/renewed at the same time) you get a card that gives access to a bunch of discounts at tourist attractions in the city. At the Botanical Gardens, access to the outdoor gardens is free with the card! Which is awesome, because otherwise it would have cost us $14 each (though that includes access to the green houses, while we could have paid $8.50 to have access).

During the summer months, the outdoor gardens are definitely the place to be. We took a stroll through the rose garden, then the water garden, and then onto the Japanese Garden. We had a short tour of the tea garden, and then we went onto the First Nations Gardens. At that point we were starting to feel very very hot, and since we had not paid anything, we didn’t feel obliged to visit everything. We can go back another day, better prepared with hats (we at least had water). And we took the metro home 🙂

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