Foodie Friday: Breakfast Lately


This is what my breakfast looks like lately. Or at least my breakfast, pre toaster oven.

We've been lucky to have an abundance of tomatoes from the CSA (and also from my parent's garden). I have fond memories from growing up, of waking up in the morning and going out to the garden to pick a fresh tomato for breakfast. These tomatoes aren't as fresh, but pretty darn close.

Here's what I've been doing lately:

I take some toast, spread on some mayo and some green salsa (I like some spice!). Then I put down a slick of tomato, some salt and pepper, a few slices of cheese and pop the whole thing in the toaster oven. The bottom crisps up, the cheese melts, the tomato gets even juicer, and the whole thing is just delicious.

On the left is some generic swiss, nothing to write home about (though delicious nonetheless, for what it is). On the right is some chive goat cheese I bought from the cheesemaker that visits our CSA drop off every two weeks. It's super creamy, almost like a goat creamcheese. There are many varieties to tempt me, from hot pepper to sundried tomato. The chive is an excellent complement to the tomato.


PS: This post was inspired by Foodie Fridays over at The Cooks Next Door.

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