A few week's back we had some friends over for brunch. We got to use up some of our coffee (yes, there is such a thing as too much coffee), eat lots of baked goods and fruit, play Chez Geek and generally just relax. Good times.


Whoever decided to put in light cream coloured counter tops in our apartment is sort of nuts. Look at all the gunk on the counter. And we wipe them down constantly! Anyhow, focus on the delicious looking cappuccino. I made it, for real!


Pumpkin coffee cake. From an old issue of Vegetarian Times. Having a silicone brownie pan makes it easy to pull the whole thing out for easy slicing.


Chocolate chocolate chip muffins, with walnuts. Recipe adapted from one of the Moosewood Cookbooks.


The spread, post attack. There was some good food going on. Bagels from Fairmount. Croissants. Giant costco muffins. A quiche that everyone raved about (I didn't even use a recipe! just threw stuff together). Lots of coffee and juice and fruit.


A couple of rounds of Chez Geek were played. I think we all understand how the game works now.


All the activity and people tired Béla out. He decided to lie on the back of the sofa and watch us.


His lobster buddy kept him company.

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