Hot Peppers

A while back, I bought a Scotch Bonnet plant from Jean Talon Market. Since then, while searching for a cayenne plant, me and Amanda have bought two mystery pepper plants which I'll call, for the sake of having something to call them Habernero* and Cayenne*.

(These may or may not be real haberneros or cayennes. In fact, I'm fairly sure that the one called Cayenne* isn't, in fact, cayenne, but it's at least a similar type of pepper. It may be De Arbol. But I digress.)

I've made two batches of hot sauce with the peppers, so far. These are the recipes and my notes.

Hot Sauce #1:
– 1 (large) scotch bonnet pepper
– 1 red bell pepper
– 2/3rd of a cup of vinegar
– 2/3rd of a cup of water
– 1 large CSA garlic clove (about the size of 2-3 normal garlics)
– a few pinches of salt

Put all the non-liquid ingredients in a food processor to blend. Boil in water and vinegar, add salt.

Makes 4 small jars.

Vinegary. Reasonable level of spice. When it's fresh, can taste the bell pepper flavour, which was only there for bulk.
Goes well with spring rolls.

Hot Sauce #2:
– 4 small Habernero*s
– 1 Cayenne*
– 2 big CSA garlic cloves (about 5 normal garlic cloves)
– 1/2 onion
– 1 celery stick
– 1/2 cup of vinegar
– 1/2 cup of water
– a teaspoon of salt

Prepare the same way. After bringing to a boil, blend further with an immersion blender.

Makes 1 500mL jar, with a little leftover.

Very spicy. A little over garlicy and salty. Better consistency than Hot Sauce #1. The celery makes it turn green.

Goes well with: nachos, tacos.

Notes on the plants:
– Cayenne* grows well with a reasonable amount of sun light, and water every couple days.
– Habernero* does reasonably well in similar circumstances.
– Scotch Bonnets are hard to grow in Montreal's climate. They seem to have a long time to harvest.
– All the peppers do better if watered every second day, rather than every day.

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