Breakfast at Aquetzalli


I'm all about breakfast/brunch. Anyone who has ever stayed over at our place after a big night knows we take our first meal of the day seriously, at least on the weekends. And while we've become quite the breakfast masters at home, sometimes its nice to go out and have someone else cook for you, then clean up. Bonus points if the breakfast place is an easy walking distance. Actually, since moving into the city, I don't think I've gone out for a breakfast that wasn't walkable. Anyhow, this brings us to . . .


Mexican for breakfast? Oh yes!

I know that the first thing that springs to mind is huevos rancheros, and those definitely did not disappoint, and yet were completely different than any I have ever had.

Getting back to basics: there are only a few items on the breakfast menu, all reasonable priced around $9, tax and coffee included. There are huevos (eggs) of all sorts. Before the main plate is served, a plate of diced fruit is brought out: we had watermelon, cantaloup and papaya (I believe? it tasted like papaya). A good way to start things off.

Then the mains: I had huevos rancheros, and dave had huevos jarachos . And both were delicious! I'm no expert on Mexican cuisine (I just like eating it!), but this seemed like the most authentic Mexican I have had here in Montreal (don't get me started about Pokez in San Diego, I would gladly spend hours in airports to eat their wonderful food again). We both very much enjoyed our breakfasts, and commented that they were just enough, unlike a lot of breakfasts that leave one feeling overstuffed and full of grease. This is also a good option for those who do not eat pork, as it seems so many breakfast menus are hinged around. Most of the options did not contain any meat (but definitely eggs, so not vegan friendly at all), and those that did were customizable for one's meat of choice.

All in all, a delicious breakfast!

Aquetzalli is located at 4561 St. Laurent Blvd. They are open as of 10am on Saturdays and Sundays, take credit cards and do not have a website.

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