it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas


This year is the first year Dave and I are actually spending Christmas together in the same city, so we’re getting to know each other’s traditions. One of Dave’s is to cut down a Christmas tree! The only time I’ve ever done that was the year we decided one of our trees at home wasn’t working out in it’s current location, and it was the perfect Christmas tree size, so we did a 2 for 1 and used it as our Christmas tree that year. All the other years we were content with trees bought at the lot down the street, oftentimes walked home over our shoulders.

So it was pretty special to go and cut one down from a farm for the first time. We rented a car (the tiny Communauto cars just weren’t going to cut it this time), and headed out! We went to Hadley Christmas Trees, and it worked out really well. Here’s the tree we picked, pre chop:


Here’s the action shot (and the proof Dave did the sawing):


So far Bela hasn’t been too interested in the tree. He likes the ornaments, but other than that he stays away. I think his ego was hurt the one time he tried to jump up in to the tree, only to fall right back down, and then he sprinted across the living room and into our bedroom to pout. He hasn’t tried again since 🙂

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