It’s been awhile: December and January excitement!


So it’s been awhile. You’ve seen the pictures of Béla and the tree. We hosted Christmas dinner for our families and a few friends and cooked the most massive turkey ever (it was only our third turkey in 2010!). Then we had a pretty low-key New Year’s Eve, apart from the brief power failure we experienced late in the evening, that convinced us we’d be better off going out and celebrating with others, so we hopped on the bus and went to hang out with Dave’s cousin, who was having a little get-together at her place. Then New Year’s day we hopped on a plane to Cuba, for some sun and surf (and rum!). Then we got back and rested for a day and I started a new job! The weekend after went ice fishing, talk about opposites! Finally, we’re taking wine courses at the SAQ, so once a week we load up our tasting glasses and go learn about wine.

So there lots going on. Perhaps I will make a few smaller updates with pictures about some of that stuff, once I get to the pictures. It’s been a bit overwhelming, with so much happening in the span of a few weeks. If anything, I need to document our Christmas day menu, because I doubt I’ll be making a meal of that magnitude again soon.

So in the meanwhile, a few pictures from yesterday’s walk home.




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