Great minds think alike.


I think a lot. Especially about the environment surrounding me. And something I had been thinking about a lot lately was the sign on Park Avenue, just north of Pine, that was constantly switching between “Ave du Parc 1 voie” and “Risque de congestion”. Yes, there’s construction on Park. Most people know that. And if they don’t, do they need an alternating sign? Couldn’t it be put to better use elsewhere? Especially since all the sign has said in the months it has been in place is the same message over and over. But from my experience in construction, I know that sometimes things that seem rather pointless or obvious, aren’t always so. There’s higher ups to cater to, and procedures to follow. Just because it doesn’t make sense to you or me on the street doesn’t mean that there isn’t a good reason for why something is done the way it is. So I kept my grumblings to myself (and a select few friends).

So flash forward to a couple of days ago, and what do I see? A static sign! Yay! It’s as though someone heard my grumblings and agreed.

someone finally listened to my grumbling

And then today on my walk home, what do I see but the sign toppled over! Was it the melting snow? Or an angry motorist? Perhaps some bored teens? Check out the neat pattern the water running down the sidewalk erm I mean bikepath posing as a sidewalk because the city doesn’t clean the actual sidewalk there. Spring is in the air!

it's coming down

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