Giving in . . .

to the Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon rolls.  I know they’ve been all over the internet for awhile, and I’m only getting around to making them now, but I had never had much luck with cinnamon rolls in the past.  Too difficult, for something that turns out mediocre.  And these?  Amazing.  Not too difficult to make, and they taste delicious!  Rather than make a whole batch (7 pans?  waaaaay too much) I halved the recipe, and they turned out great.  Yield?  One lasagna pan and one cake pan’s worth.  I made them for a brunch we hosted this morning, and we only ate the small pan.  That rich and good!  (and the two quiches sold the show).

Cinnamon rolls!

Also, I didn’t make the icing exactly as the recipe describes.  Instead of a maple/coffee concoction, I stuck with tried and true, and made a simple vanilla icing and it was totally what I wanted.

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