Happy 1 year blog-aversary to us!


So this week we celebrated a whole year of blogging.  And it’s been quite the year.  Dave and I both started new jobs (and work for the same place now too!).  We went on a couple of trips and made a few wrong turns in the process.  Ate lots of good food and forgot to take pictures of lots of that good food.  We started out using some sort of homemade blogging software that I just didn’t get, switched over to wordpress (that I sort of get!), figured out how to get our server not to blank out when our power goes off (and it’s gone off quite a few times lately . . . there’s been a lot of work to our power grid lately). We started watching Mad Men on netflix and are now anxiously awaiting the latest season to be released (and were worried for a bit we’d have to cancel netflix if the bandwith caps the crtc wanted to impose came through).


But the actual date slipped us by. Can’t blame us, we adopted a new kitten this week, from a friend from uni of mine and his fiancé. They are such great people, they adopted a stray, only to find out she was pregnant. So now that the kittens are ready to go to their new homes, they are finding them good homes to go to.

So we came home Monday evening with a little ball of fur that looks a whole lot like Béla, to the point where we started calling her mini-me, and have since decided to call her Lola. We wanted a friend for Béla, so he wouldn’t be so lonely while we are at work. Initially, he didn’t want to have anything to do with Lola, instead spying on her the same way he initially followed the roomba. But now he seems to have warmed up to her, they even sleep together at night on our bed (cue the awwwwws).


Yes, our cats blend in with the couch cushions.  And we often mistake the cushions for cats.  It makes for some humorous situations.

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