Two important dates to put on your calendar!

Monday May 2nd – Federal Election Day! Mark it down, make sure you’re registered, and get out and vote!  Another important date to remember is April 8: that’s the day that information regarding polling stations and the electoral list go live on the Elections Canada website.  I know that I’m not registered in the right riding, so I’ll be watching to see when I can go and get this updated.  They have already started putting up posters in our area:

Election fever has started!

Friday April 15th – Bixi starts up for a 3rd season! I am very excited about this.  I depend on a combination of biking, walking and public transit to get me most places I want to go, with the odd Communauto or friend/family car ride from time to time.  With the cost of public transit constantly going up, and the fact that I live walking distance from work, I do not buy monthly transit passes anymore.  So each time I take the bus or metro, it costs me somewhere in the 2-3$ range.  And that’s a lot of money if it’s a short trip.  So bixi fills a certain niche: trips that are just a bit too long to walk, but a bit too short for public transit to seem worth it, are generally perfect for Bixi.  Especially during off peak hours, when service is not as frequent.  And for 78$/yr, it’s a very economical solution.  And practical, since I don’t have to carry my own personal bike up and down the stairs at home, nor leave it on the street and take a chance it may not be there when I want to use it.

Soon it will be bixi season!

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