our balcony

Our balcony is tiny.  When it’s completely empty, there is barely enough room for two humans and two chairs.  Yet we try to make the most of it, contorting ourselves between the door and whatever happens to be out on the balcony at the moment to be able to get out and enjoy it.  And enjoy it we do.  Last year we started by bringing out two chairs, planting flowers in our (permanent) wooden planters, and putting out the two herb planters my dad made for us.  This year, we upped the ante, and brought out the scotch-bonnet pepper and another hot pepper, and planted tomatoes and raspberries.  Now we have to do a lot of contorting to get out there, but its well worth it, to be able to sit in our little green oasis high above the busy street.

Flowers!  These are cosmos, given to us free from the Plateau-Mont-Royal borough.  In the same planters we have a dwarf variety of sunflowers, that as they were planted from seed are tiny now, but will hopefully match the height of the cosmos.


Herbs!  I managed to winter my rosemary plant from last year, and added in some sage, parsley and purple basil seedlings.  There was a hot thai basil in here too for awhile, but it seems to have disappeared.  Maybe a bird ate it?

IMG_0955The other herbs: a lavender I wintered (though it doesn’t look good), seedlings (summer savory, dill, oregano) and an unidentified plant, that could very well be a weed.


One of the two furry friends we share our balcony with:


Our balcony is also a primo vantage point for watching the going ons in our neighbourhood, including the queuing area for the Tour de l’ile group participants:

lining up for the Tour de l'Ile!

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