CSA Week 2: bacon and egg salad

It’s our third season being a member of a CSA with Potager Andre Samson.  And if there’s anything we’ve learned from years past, it’s that the beginning of the season is strong on greens.  Pretty much the only way to even make a dent in the copious amount of greens we get each week is to either a) give lots of greens away and/or b) eat salad for every single meal.  In order to eat salad for every single meal, and not go crazy, one needs to get creative.  Enter the bacon and egg salad:

Bacon and egg salad

It’s deceptively simple: mixed greens, topped with green onions, tomatoes, bacon and a poached egg.  But it’s so so good.  A few more pointers on what made this particular salad so delicious:

– the greens: a mix of green and red leaf lettuce, and spinach
– the green onions: were heated in the same cast iron pan I used for the bacon, with a bit of olive oil (the bacon didn’t release much grease), and then the oil was used to make the dressing
– the dressing: olive oil, balsamic vinegar, thyme, salt, pepper, garlic powder and a teeny bit of dijon mustard

And that’s it.  And it tasted oh so good.

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