Eating out: Marche 27

Last Friday Dave and I both had the day off.  That, combined with the fact that we broke down earlier in the week and bought an air conditioner, made for a very good day indeed.  It was the perfect combination: sleeping in a bit, making peanut noodles for lunch, swimming in Laurier Pool and eating out.  The one stipulation for dinner: we had to use one of my many livingsocial deals.  So to Marché 27 we went!

Situated on Prince Arthur just West of St Laurent, we had often passed by Marché 27 on our way here and there.  The idea of a tartare bar intrigued us.  We had had tartare before, and eaten lots of sashimi, but the idea of being able to choose not only the meat, but also the preparation intrigued us.

We arrived pretty early by most people’s dinner standards, just after five, as the afternoon of swimming had made us quite hungry.  This was a very good thing, as it meant cocktails were half price.  I had a delicious gin and mint and blueberry concoction that made me think gin mohito.  Dave had what made him think of an old fashioned with apple juice.  The bad thing about getting there so early: there were several friends of the staff just hanging around, being loud and obnoxious.


Onto what we ate!  We ordered a tasting platter to share, which had five different kinds of tartare, each prepared differently.  Dave’s fave was the beef prepared French style (no surprise to me).  Mine was the tuna prepared japanese style.  The platter came with toasts and chips for scooping up the tartare.  We also ordered a cone of fries, that turned out to be a perfect accompaniment.  We felt it was a good amount of food, without being too much.

Overall: a good experience.  Apart from the loud people hanging out, the music was relaxing, the service quick, the food delicious.  Would we go back?  Probably.  Was it a good deal with livingsocial deal?  Definitely.  Would I pay full price?  If it was a special occasion.

Marché 27
27 Prince Arthur West

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