Out and about: Peddle boating at Beaver Lake

Peddle boating on Beaver Lake

This weekend we hosted a Japanese exchange student, as part of an “improve your English” type program McGill University is hosting.  Dave and I were probably the youngest host family, and we wanted to give our student an idea of what it means to be young and live in the city.  So on Sunday we put on our comfy shoes (sandals in our case) and headed up Mont-Royal, to see the larper’s and tamstams and the beautiful view.

When we had reached the chalet and lookout, we were all still fairly energetic, so we decided to go all the way to Beaver Lake and rent peddle boats.  The last time I went peddle boating was on vacation in Jamaica, with my sister.  Everything there is eaaaaaaasy.  Not so much in Montreal.  Peddle boating is a lot of work, to not go very far very fast.  And steering?  Not that easy either.  So we took to peddling for a bit, and then lounging in our peddle boat and taking in the scenery.  A good balance!  It also helped that there was what we gathered was a karate class going on nearby which turned out to be entertaining.

The peddle boating wasn’t cheap, but it wasn’t terribly pricey either.  It cost 8$ for 30 minutes per boat, and there was a maximum of two adults per boat, paid inside the chalet.  Being three adults, we took two boats.  There is a $5 deposit per boat.

More information available here: http://www.lemontroyal.qc.ca

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