Eating out: the Main

Eating out: the Main

This past weekend we wanted to make sure our Japanese exchange student tried the trifecta of Montreal delicacies: smoked meat, poutine and bagels.  For the smoked meat and poutine component, we headed to the Main.  Sure, Schwartz’s is the name that most people immediately think of when they hear smoked meat, but it’s also loud and cramped, not to mention there is usually a line up.  So we headed to the Main: delicious smoked meat, but we got to linger awhile, sitting around and talking (since speaking English was the goal of the weekend).

All three of us had the smoked meat special: smoked meat sandwich with fries, coleslaw, pickle and soft drink, for $9.95 before 5pm and $12.95 after 5pm.  Dave upgraded to a poutine, so our student was able to try it.  It was delicious.  Our student loved it. We ate slowly, chatting as our weekend came to a close.

The Main Deli Steak House, 3864 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

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