Out and about: cabin camping at Au Diable Vert

A few weekends ago Dave and I had the pleasure of introducing a friend of ours to the world of cabin camping at Au Diable Vert in Glen Sutton.  Dave and I had already been last fall, and we knew we wanted to go again, but this time we wanted to bring along someone else for company. It’s a wonderful place, with tenting sites and rustic cabins (no running water or electricity), nestled in the mountains near the Canada-US border.

This was where we stayed:


Unfortunately the weather gods were not on our side, and the forecast called for scattered showers during our whole stay.  No biggie, we were going to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and to get away from the internet for a bit.  Worse case scenario, we were going to sit around in the cabin playing Settlers of Catan, making yummy food and just generally hanging out.  Can’t complain too much about that . . .

We were pretty lucky, our first evening the rain held off so we were able to have a campfire.  We grilled hot dogs and roasted some red peppers (gotta keep things healthy!).  Then came the smores.  Delicious smores.


The next morning we woke to a gray but not rainy sky . . . until we decided to go for a walk and then of course it started raining.  All day it rained off and on, but we didn’t let it bother us so much.  We geared up and went on a couple of short hikes, played a few rounds of Settlers, and relaxed.


Of course we had to visit the highland cows they have pastured on the property:


Dave even got to try out his hammock:


Food always tastes better cooked on a woodstove and lit by candlelite:


We discovered some pretty neat little candles and holders, made by UCO. Practical (no batteries to charge! one candle lasts 9 hours . . . or our entire trip!), cheap (no batteries) and candle light really is wonderful. They fold down for storage. We bought one of ours at mec, and another at Yeti.

On the way back we stopped to go apple picking, but unfortunately no pictures.  That was the most miserable apple picking experience of my whole life (and there have been many apple picking excursions in the past).  It was raining hard and very windy.  Dave and I got our bag and quickly filled up, then retired to the car to wait for our friend to finish.  The apples though were delicious.  We picked Courtlands, and they proved to be great for pies, muffins and apple sauce.  Another post upcoming with recipes.

Look at how rainy is was during the drive:


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