Links: recipes to use up all those apples!

A few weeks ago on a very rainy Sunday we stoped to go apple picking in Rougemont, Qc.  Our friend (who was doing the driving) had picked out a place with honeycrisp apples, the Abbaye cistercienne Notre-Dame de Nazareth.  Yes, apples grown by monks!

Unfortunately when we got there there were no honeycrisps to be seen on any of the trees.  So we picked some Cortlands instead.  Look at them, these are just a glimpse of the ones we picked:


And the pie I baked:


Rather than copying out the recipes I used, since they are all available online, I’m going to link to them and put some comments.

Apple muffins from the Girl Who Ate Everything While at first I was a bit hesitant to add the full amount of sugar and oil, I’m glad I did.  These muffins turned out delicious, a lot like the muffins you would buy at a coffeeshop.  A wee bit greasy (to me, Dave said they were fine), I would try using melted butter next time.  Interesting point: when the batter is all mixed up, its almost like cookie batter!  I rolled balls in the palms of my hands and stuck them in the muffin cups, and they turned out fine.

Applesauce from food in jars My go-to source for anything canning related.  I made one batch plain, another with lots of spice.  I preserved some in large jars, some in small jars, to be enjoyed over the winter, on top of pork chops and mixed into yogourt and oatmeal.

Apple pie from Joy the baker. I cheated a bit here: I didn’t make the pie crust as outlined here, I used my standard Martha recipe, and I didn’t let the apples sit as long as required.  But it still turned out delicious.  I mounded the apples into the pie, and it was nice and meaty.  Just a small slice was perfect as an after dinner treat.  If you’re used to having soggy apple pies, you definitely need to check this recipe out.

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