Recipe: really good banana muffins


It’s inevitable.  It seems that for every couple of bananas I eat at the peak of ripeness, there’s going to be at least one brown banana.  It’s something akin to Murphy’s Law.  Not that I’m complaining, brown bananas means I get to bake with them!

The other evening I had those bananas pictured above staring at me.  It was time.  So to google I went!  And very unlike myself, I opened the first entry returned, and made the recipe.  I didn’t compared hundreds of recipes, or analyse it to the last detail.  I just did it.  And the results?  Pretty good!  Exactly what I was looking for.


So rather than type the whole recipe out, I’ll let you head over to Cat Can Cook and read it yourself.  I followed it pretty exactly (also not very much like myself).


And on that note, I think I’m going to go enjoy another muffin.

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