Out and about: Christmas Tree Cutting 2011

Tree farm!

Once again this year we headed up to Lachute in a rented car to cut down a Christmas tree. We returned to Arbres de Noel Hadley.

Dave with our selection

Cutting it down works out more expensive than heading to a lot to buy one precut, but we don’t do it to save money, we do it for the experience. It’s nice to head out of the city for few hours. We rarely drive anywhere other than a quick trip to the suburbs to visit family, so it’s nice to go for a drive to explore our surroundings. It’s also worth the experience to bundle up and take a tractor ride out into the fields, then return and have a hot chocolate.  The tree (and tractor ride, tree wrapping and hot chocolate ride included) cost $45.  The car rental was an additional $50 or so, since we chose to rent a full sized sedan rather than use a small Communauto Yaris.  So quite a bit of money, but worth it, in our opinion. It’s also nice to be able to support a somewhat local family business. We are lucky to be able to make choices like this.

And here it is, all dressed up:

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