Recipe roundup: holiday cookies


It’s that time of year again, it’s holiday cookie time!  Here are some of the cookies I’ve been loving (and baking) this year:

Pecan Pie Cookies (pictured above), from the Land O Lakes website – so easy, and so delicious.  It’s a forgiving recipe: I’ve subbed margarine for some of the butter, and egg whites instead of an egg, and walnuts instead of pecans and they were still really great, though different from the original version (but good for using up what I had in the house).

Martha’s Icebox Shortbread – I’ve been making these for years.  I still have the original Everyday Food mag this recipe was originally printed in.  I like it because it’s so versatile, and easy to keep a few logs in the freezer for unexpected cookie needs (or to be able to do all the mixing ahead of time and then bake the cookies later).

Canadian Living Sugar Cookies and Decorator Icing – I didn’t have a vanilla bean when I made these so they are just plain old vanilla sugar cookies.  And they are pretty good!  Nothing special, just a tried and true sugar cookie recipe good for rolling out for cutouts. The decorator icing is pretty amazing though.  It uses pasteurized egg whites instead of meringue powder, so no need for a trip to the craft store, the grocery store will do.  The consistency is good, it’s not too thick nor too thin.  I didn’t have cream of tartar, so I subbed in a small squirt of lemon juice and it worked out fine.

I have also been tinkering around with a few PostPunkKitchen inspired recipes to come up with something special (and vegan).  No link, I will have to type up my own version at some point, but in the meanwhile I have to say that shortbread + lemon = yum!

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