Recipe: Noah’s ark blueberry pie

Noah's ark blueberry pie

What do you get when you cross blueberry pie and a set of Noah’s ark cookie cutters I was gifted at Christmas but hadn’t yet used?  Noah’s ark blueberry pie of course!  Though in the picture above the animals look more like dinosaurs than animals, but no matter, it was delicious nonetheless.

I started with Mark Bittman’s recipe for flaky pie crust.  You can find a version of it online here, however I used the app on my iPhone.  I really like the app, as it automatically converts everything to metric units (hurrah!).  I also like that Bittman uses mass instead of volume measurements quite often, which I much prefer to use than measuring cups.

Onto the pie crust! So I mixed up a double recipe of pie crust, rolled out half, covered the bottom of the pie plate, and crimped the edges.  I tried pre baking the shell, but unfortunately the edges started to slowly sink down into the pie plate.  Out of the oven it came!

Onto the filling!  This is the easiest part of the process: I eyeballed the amount of blueberries I thought would fit in the bottom of the pie plate and stuck them in a bowl.  To the bowl I added some maple syrup, roughly about 6 table spoons worth (I was pouring directly from the can into the bowl).  Then I shook a whole bunch of arrowroot flour into the bowl (~1/3-1/2 cup if I had to guess).  Mixed the whole thing up, stuck it in the pie shell.

Onto the lid!  Rather than having a solid pastry lid, I rolled out the pastry and cut out animal shapes.  I roughly arranged them on top of the pie.

Onto the baking!  Into the oven the whole thing went, at 350F.  Baked for about 30 minutes, then I kept checking on it in increments of a couple of minutes, until the whole thing was golden.  Took it out, cooled a bit, and then it was enjoyment time.

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