Good Friday egg extravaganza!

My family likes to mix up traditions and make new ones.  For Easter, we don’t get together on the Sunday or the Monday anymore, instead we all get together on the Friday to eat fish.  My nonna (Italian for grandma) is Roman Catholic, and to her certain traditions, like eating fish on Good Friday, are very important.  So each year for the longest of time we all head over to my parents’ to celebrate Easter a few days ahead of time, and then we are all free to celebrate Easter as we chose.  Sometimes Dave and I head to Toronto to visit his family, sometimes we stay home and do things like cook duck.

My mom has decided this year’s theme is “tapas” style, so she is going to be making a buffet of appetizers type munchies.  My contribution is going to be devilled eggs, antipasto skewers, and some sort of dessert squares.  I have a few ideas up over on pinterest.

I am most excited about the pickled  beet devilled eggs I spied over on the kitchn.  I have a single hard boiled egg pickling in my fridge at the moment, to check things out before a commit to making more.  If they are super crazy delicious, I’ll make lots.  If not, I’ll stick to regular devilled eggs and maybe some smoked salmon or avocado ones.  I’m prepared, that’s for sure: yesterday Dave and I headed up to the Jean Talon market and bought 60 eggs.  Yes, 60 (sixty), you read right.  What can I say?  We eat a lot of eggs!

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