Easter dinner 2012: creole mussels

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Same as last year, we had our Montreal Easter celebration on Friday and decided not to go to Toronto (we went for Christmas). Instead, we took today to eat a nice greasy breakfast, go on a bike ride, reorganize the living room a bit and cook ourselves a nice dinner. We decided to have mussels, fries and French bread.

Check out the breakfast:


Here’s how I made the mussels:

First, I heated up some leftover bacon grease and some canola oil to medium in a big pot.

While the pot was heating, I chopped up half an onion, two ribs of celery and a half dozen garlic cloves. When the oil was hot I tossed it all in and cooked stirring often, turning down the heat when things started to stick.

When the veggies were translucent I poured in about half a small can of diced tomatoes, a healthy gulg of white cooking wine and few healthy sprinkles of dried basil, thyme and crushed hot red pepper, and a small sprinkle of fennel seeds. Then I let the whole thing simmer until reduced.

In the meanwhile I prepped the mussels, discarding any that wouldn’t close when tapped. I mixed in a big mug full of chicken broth and turned the heat up to medium high.

When the pot started to boil I tossed in the mussels and a few lemon sliced, covered the pot and set the timer for three minutes. After the three minutes were up I tossed the mussels a bit and timed for another three minutes.

And that’s it!

Mussels are one of those items that seem fancy, but are actually quite easy with good results. The mussels I buy are already cleaned and need only a quick rinse and shake under cold water, and are quite economical when on sale (907g for $3.99, which feeds two adults a hearty meal).

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