Early November Good Things

Inspired by a blog friend, I’ve decided I’m going to start doing good things posts.  No guarantees they will happen on a regular basis, but maybe?  So far for early November:

currywurst poutine

Making a double batch of currywurst sauce using this Saveur recipe.  So good used instead of the standard gravy in a poutine!  Or on top of eggs.  Or really, anytime a nice sweet curry flavoured tomato sauce would be good.  Which is almost anytime.

Yorkshire pudding.  Because sometimes your body needs some fat and carbs (also see poutine above, heh).  Even good as a donut substitute, dusted with powdered sugar.

The last “regular season” delivery of our CSA, Potager Andre Samson.  I’m looking into Lufa farms to get us through the long winter.  Veggies grown on rooftop greenhouses in the city?  That’s pretty rad.  For the next little bit though, I’m going to enjoy picking whatever I feel like (or is onsale) at the grocery store or Jean-Talon market.  It’s always nice to enjoy those couple of weeks when I can relax a bit (and eat out because there aren’t a ton of veggies waiting in the fridge), but I always start to miss my weekly veggies come February or March.

Celebrated my godson’s first birthday this weekend.  I bought him a bunch of books as a gift, including some by my faves Richard Scarry and Eric Carle.  Oh and a Pantone board book, because I like to think of myself as the cool old aunt. 


Working on a sewing machine cover.  Shorter days mean less time spent outside, so I’ve been trying to make my home a bit nicer/more visually interesting.  Little projects like a funky sewing machine cover are great, because 1) they use up scraps 2) they keep me busy and 3) they brighten things up.



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