Happy new year! Here’s to 2013!

I’m not generally one for resolutions.  I usually forget about them partway through the year.  This year though, I made two.  I think I’m going to do ok remembering to carry through with them, because I have partner’s who are doing the same thing as me for both.  Pretty exciting, huh?

Resolution #1: Wear more jewelry.

A coworker and I have decided 2013 is the year to wear what we’ve got.  It doesn’t matter if it’s fancy or not, expensive or not, it’s the year to accessorize!  Being two ladies in construction, it’s not like anyone notices when we don’t glam it up, so we’re doing it for us.

Resolution #2: Take more photos, namely take one a day.

Dave and I are doing this together.  For 2013 we are going to take a photo everyday.  I tried this in 2009 and lost steam near the end, I’m hoping this year to power through.  We both have the incentive of having brand new cameras to play around with.  Dave’s is a fancy pants DSLR.  Maybe he’ll come and talk about it sometime.  Mine is a tiny indestructible point and shoot, that can even go underwater and in freezing temperatures (Christmas gift from my parents, I think they were tired of me borrowing their waterproof camera overtime I went on vacation).

2013.01.13 - a lively game of Carcassonne
Today was raining and cold, so we cozied up to our kitchen table with a pot of chamomile and played a game of carcassone.  

You can spy all of my photos here, and all of Dave’s here.

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