Things I’ve been digging lately . . .

2013.01.22 - zumba!

Zumba!  I’m not all that coordinated, but bouncing around to the music is so much fun!  It gets me all sweaty and my heartbeat up, regardless of whether I do the complicated steps or just follow the same direction as everyone, and it keeps me coming back.  I’m sold.  I’ve been taking classes at Bamboofit, which I like because they have lots of classes to choose from, and work on a card system.

2012.01.16 - cheesecake brownies

Socializing!  It seems that with January comes a ton of birthdays and get togethers.  And with get togethers come baked goods.  The cheesecake brownies pictured above were perfect: not too rich or sweet, just right.  For the same party I also made Guinness Brownies, that were rich and fudgy and cakey, all at the same time.  The Guinness brownies didn’t taste of Guinness, just a really deep complex chocolate flavour.  The cupcakes pictured below were made from a mix though I did top them with some melted chocolate to fancy them up a bit.  Mixes are so useful in busy times, don’t knock ’em.

2013.01.20 - cupcakes

Starting new projects!  This is possibly the last I’ll show of this one for awhile, as it is going to be a gift and I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

2013.01.21 - getting ready to sew

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One Response to Things I’ve been digging lately . . .

  1. So glad you enjoyed the cheesecake brownies, and hearing that my recipe is on someone’s “Diggin’ List” just warmed my heart =) Warmest wishes and a very Happy New Year to you!

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