A rather interesting walk home today: flooding on McTavish

So by now I’m sure everyone in the Montreal area knows: there was a major water main break and a good chunk of the McGill campus and downtown core flooded.  I didn’t know this though when I started my walk home, and decided to walk up McTavish to Dr. Penfield to see how the work was coming along.

See, I did it last week, and work seemed to be progressing fine:



So I started to walk up McTavish, and noticed there was some water on the street.  I didn’t think too much about it, and kept walking.  Then I noticed that the water was edging up onto the sidewalk. I started to walk a bit quicker:

2013.01.28 - nope, there isn't usually this much water

And then it got a bit nuts. I ended up having to climb over a small ledge to avoid soaking my feet, go into a building and out the other side, to avoid the deluge of water:


Pretty crazy. Apart from having to take a detour, it worked it ok. It seems people going South instead of North weren’t so lucky. I guess there are perks to having to climb a hill to go home!

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