I made that! Finished Wedding Quilt

Tada!  It's done!

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of gifting my cousin with a throw sized quilt as a wedding shower gift.  Because it was the largest sized quilt I ever made to date, and because of the occasion, I paid particular attention as I made it.  I tried to really enjoy the process as I went, from the choice of fabric all the way to the quilting and binding.

It all started with choosing some fabrics:

2012.01.03 - Planning a new quilt.

Cutting out all the squares:

2013.01.21 - getting ready to sew

Sewing and then trimming the HST’s:


Assembling the HST’s into blocks:

2013.02.02 - wip

And then the blocks into the quilt:


And then basting and binding and voila!

Here’s the back:

DSC_9135Edited to add: The quilt was made using The Tulip Patch Helix Quilt Pattern.  It was simple and straightforward, and as always I can’t stop saying good things about Pink Chalk Fabrics, where the pattern was purchased from (as well as some of the fabric).  Just the other day I have a really nice email conversation with their customer service rep, about a package I was worried had gone missing (it hadn’t, it was just held up a bit in customs).  So refreshing to not be dealing with corporate mumbo jumbo when dealing with customer service.


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