Vacation time!

I’ve been a little tardy in recapping our latest vacation.  With good reason, I returned home to some unhappy news, and for awhile things were in “put one foot in front of the other and the rest will sort itself out” mode.  So thankfully the month that was May is now done and June and July as well, so I think it’s high time I did a quick recap of the week of relax, the week that prepared me for what was to come.

We stayed at the Paradisus Rio de Oro.

During our bus ride from the airport we were greeted by a rainbow:

2013.05.08 - our arrival

The accommodations are located in small blocks of buildings, very much like little condo buildings:

Being an all inclusive, drinks are free.  We sampled lots of different cocktails:

We spent a lot of time swimming in the pool:
2013.05.13 - this is the life!

And walking on the beach:

One of the great things about the Rio de Oro is that room service is included:
Overall, a really relaxing and wonderful vacation!

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