Camping at Oka: 2013 edition

We decided to start out our 2013 camping season at Oka, for a bunch of reasons, but mostly because it’s so close to Montreal.  Our car was giving us problems, and we didn’t want to be far from the city in case something happened to it.  Plus Oka is a nice combination of full service campground, but in a natural setting, so its good for testing out our equipment for the season.  We went Canada Day weekend.

We brought our bikes along with us, and had a great time biking the park.  We biked over to the Grande Baie parking lot, parked our bikes, and walked down the trail to the water.  There’s an observation tower, and a walkway leading out into the water.  We were not quite alone, we passed small groups of people hiking, but it wasn’t the masses like over near the beach area, and in the camping areas (it was a long weekend after all).



As per the usual, our little two person hiking tent served us well.  Dave’s hammock did not.  I’m starting to think that if we keep this up, it might be a good idea to purchase a larger tent we can use for car camping, when space and weight isn’t an issue, that allows us more space for hanging out.  Something along the lines of the MEC Cabin 4 or 6 tents.


2013.06.29 - scrabble by candlelight

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