Camping at Lac Temiscouata

About every second summer we try to head out East to visit with Dave’s extended family in the Moncton area.  This year we had the idea to drive out, and stop for a few days at the brand new Sepaq Lac Temiscouata, that opened in June of this year.


A little bit of a warning: although the lake is right nearby to highway 85, it is quite a drive to get to the park itself!  The park is located “on the other side” of the lake, meaning once you get off the 85, you’ve got about an hour of driving on secondary roads ahead of you.  On top of that, the last 10km or so before officially entering the park is on winding gravel roads.  It isn’t horrible, but it’s good to know.  Even once you’re in the park, there’s a sizeable drive on nice paved road, the wiggles back and forth to get to the camping area.

It’s all worth it though, because the camping is really nice!  The sites are all quite large, and relatively private.  The bathroom facilities are pristine.  The lake is but a short walk away.  And the people!  The staff at this Sepaq are extremely friendly and all seem really happy to be doing their jobs.  It was refreshing to meet such happy people.


As at other Sepaq’s, there are morning discounts on watercraft rentals, for campers.  At this park the special was on kayaks.  Dave and I each rented a kayak and explored.

2013.08.25 - kayaking on lac Temiscouata
We also went for a hike during our stay, to the Sutherland Falls.  To get to the trailhead from the campground requires quite a drive, part of it on gravel roads.  Once we started to hike, we were a bit surprised it was classified as intermediate, as it seemed quite easy, with a well groomed path with little change in elevation.  As the hike went on though, we understood why it was intermediate: there was quite a lot of change in elevation and a lot of rock to step on and over.  We were rewarded by seeing some beautiful falls.  Of course I seem to have deleted those photos . . . you’ll just have to trust me when I say they were worth the hike.

Overall I thought it was a great park!  All that they are missing are some rustic camping areas and they will be all set.

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