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2014, what a year! 2015, the year I eat pickled beets on a regular basis!

I year during which I only posted once.  Yup, just once.  And what a busy year it was!  I didn’t even finish any quilts, though I did make lots of progress on a massive one due to be completed soon. … Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished: Danish dough hook acquired!

I love online classes.  I like learning, but I also like spending time at home/don’t always have tons of time to devote to spending a couple of hours a week in one specific location.  So I’ve taken a few more … Continue reading

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Things I’ve been digging lately: May 2013

– I’m starting a new quilt (see above!) using the Inside Out pattern from Cluck Cluck Sew.  It’s pushing me out of my comfort zone, piecing tiny rectangles. – The days are getting longer!  So excited about this.  My body … Continue reading

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Things I’ve been digging lately . . .

– Zumba!  I’m not all that coordinated, but bouncing around to the music is so much fun!  It gets me all sweaty and my heartbeat up, regardless of whether I do the complicated steps or just follow the same direction … Continue reading

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It’s tomato time! Tomato tart

So the weekly CSA haul lists are not happening.  But the produce is still coming in!  Just off the top of my head, last week we got: tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, a leek, a watermelon, corn, cherry tomatoes . . . … Continue reading

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Hello there!

I’ve been a wee bit busy lately.  But I’m still eating my veggies, exploring and crafting up a storm.  The summer goes so quickly, I’m enjoying life, just not posting about it.  So in the meanwhile, my cat Lola says … Continue reading

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CSA Week 4

Yesterday was “one of those days”.  You know the kind.  People getting on your last nerve, right when you think you have things under control . . . pouf!!! craziness!  It was a long day.  Then I walked home and … Continue reading

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