Ice Fishing at Sainte-Anne-de-la-Parade


A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to go ice fishing with family and family friends at Sainte-Anne-de-la-Parade.  It was my first time and definitely an experience, even if I didn’t catch any fish.  I’m actually pretty glad that I didn’t catch anything, I wouldn’t have known what to do!  (handling live fish isn’t really my thing)  At one point I thought I had caught something, and I got so excited . . . and then it turns out I had hooked some debris from the bottom of the river.  Oops.


Like I said before, I had never been ice fishing before, and I was surprised to see how well set up the cabins are (visions of a tiny hole in the ice and a couple of people huddled around had danced in my head beforehand).  Instead, a nice sized cabin with lighting and a wood burning stove housed us while we fished.  Along each side of the cabin was a long narrow opening in the ice.  Each side easily had 20 lines on it.


It was neat walking around and checking out all the other cabins.  It was a little surreal, to think that we were walking around on a frozen river, since it felt like we were in a little village.

And how did we do?  Not so well.  One side of our cabin caught a few fish, but the other side didn’t catch any.  There was one cabin nearby that was constantly catching fish, maybe they were stealing them all away from us?  Nonetheless, I went to have a good time with family, and it was definitely a good time!


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